A PROPERTY INVESTMENT MAG SURVEY found Most Australians are extremely sympathetic to the dilemma of First Home Buyers!


Chinese buyers have left Australia in hordes.


A PROPERTY INVESTMENT MAG SURVEY found Most Australians are extremely sympathetic to the dilemma of First Home Buyers!

WHAT this Survey reveals to CAAN is that many Sellers are still unaware how this Housing Affordability Crisis was contrived … for a Whole Cohort of Australians to have been locked out … yet meanwhile where we live is being spoilt or even destroyed!

PERHAPS this is because there is much SPIN being circulated! Especially by those with a vested interest!


The role of the Australian LNP Government, the Big End of Town particularly the Developer/Property Sector and their extensive overseas clientele!

With government policies written for those with vested interests!

-developers able to sell 100% of “new homes” to foreign buyers (FIRB ruling changes 2009; May 2017 Budget Reg)

-no Anti-Money Laundering Legislation for the Real Estate Sector

.early October 2018 Real Estate Agents, Lawyers and Accountants were made exempt from any liability in money laundering

-through Visa manipulation foreign buyers can not only buy a property but gain a permanent Residency Visa

Read this for the how and why the Housing Affordability Crisis came about, and refer to CAAN Website categories to find out more:




“Australians are also extremely sympathetic to the dilemma of first home buyers as 71% of the respondents believed the government is not doing enough to help this group of buyers.

Over half of those who were surveyed even wanted to know the buyer of their property, with two out of three willing to offer a discount to first buyers.  Nearly one in four people from this pool were comfortable to cut their property’s price by 5 to 10%.

Mccan associated the thoughtfulness towards first home buyers with the capital gains these sellers had achieved in recent years.

“The same group seems extremely aware of the effect the property boom has had on first home buyers and wants action to keep the Australian dream alive,” he said.

In terms of other issues, 78% of the people felt the government should do more to aid retirees downsize, while 84% believed that the government isn’t doing enough to regulate foreign investment into the country’s property market.”


There has been a concerted push by government and the Greater Sydney Commission to encourage seniors to “downsize” … what lay behind this?

Could it be to free up more property for developers to build as many as 10 terraces on a suburban lot, townhouses and duplex?

And to sell to overseas buyers? ….


DOWNSIZERS risk losing some or all of their Age Pension!

-though the Family Home is exempt from the pension assets test any home equity unlocked by downsizing is not!

-downsizers have to stump up the stamp duty on any new home they buy; at May 2017 equates to $32,000 for the median-priced home in Sydney

-earnings from the cash released are taxed, whereas capital gains on the home are not


OUTSOURCING home maintenance costs may be cheaper than apartment strata levies!


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SOURCE:  https://www.yourinvestmentpropertymag.com.au/news/property-owners-becoming-eager-to-sell-256631.aspx