GREENLAND – China’s largest Government State-backed Real Estate group is the developer of “Lachlan’s Line” Master Planned Community, a massive gated estate on the corner of Epping Road, Delhi Road and the M2, NORTH RYDE.

This “bridge” is being built at a cost of $40 MILLION to connect the 5000 “new residents” of its 2700 dwellings in Lachlan’s Line to the North Ryde Station.  

It does not connect to the North Ryde village therefore it is of no benefit to the original community!   Compounding the industrialisation of North Ryde/Macquarie Park!  Simultaneously the community is seeing the demise of its Business and IT Park.

How many trees will be destroyed to make way for the construction?

UrbanGrowth NSW is the site master-plan developer behind Lachlan’s Line, and has been undergoing the required civil infrastructure, parks, roads, public art and play areas costing $150 million.

Where were the $190 Million funds sourced?  From NSW Revenue?  From the NSW Sellergate Government?

IT would appear to be another example of LANDCOM’s/SELLERGATE NSW GOVT facilitating the foreign developer invasion with less for the wider Australian community …


Earlier in March 2018 Greenland had a proposal before Landcom/NSW Government to construct an overhead pedestrian bridge from its site on Delhi Road to connect to Bundara Reserve, and to remove a significant number of the Bundara Reserve Turpentine Ironbark forest.

The local community and Mayor Jerome Laxale questioned the need for Greenland to destroy the forest for a pedestrian bridge.

MEANWHILE the Ryde area community has been denied parking at the North Ryde Station, and a bus interchange!

Work Starts on $40 Million Pedestrian and Cycle Bridge


The NSW government’s land and property development arm Landcom has commenced construction of its new helix-shaped pedestrian bridge at North Ryde.


The 160-metre-long bridge, the first of its kind in the world due to its complex 32mm flat plate steel construction, will twist and contort above Delhi Road and the Hills M2 motorway.

The $40 million bridge has been designed by architect KI Studio and structural engineering firm Arup and will require innovative fabrication and construction methods.

Construction has been awarded as a joint venture between Arenco and the Daracon Group, with western Sydney-based steel fabricator S&L Steel, sub-contracted for the fabrication of the structure.

Sections of the bridge are now being fabricated off-site and on-site construction will start with the bridge supports later this year.

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The steel used to create the bridge will be sourced and manufactured entirely in Australia.

Lachlan’s Line bridge by KI Studio
The steel used to create the bridge will be sourced and manufactured entirely in Australia.Image: KI Studio

“Today is an exciting day for Landcom’s Lachlan’s Line project, with work beginning on this innovative, eye-catching bridge that will become a landmark in our city,” Landcom chief executive John Brogden said.

“Its sinuous, fluid form gives it a sculptural quality, and the bridge will be very noticeable, with its blue spiralling truss design.”

The bridge will support the 5,000 new residents who will eventually reside at Lachlan’s Line masterplanned community.

The precinct will feature 2,700 residential apartments, high-quality open spaces, parks, playgrounds and retail spaces, all connected to North Ryde Station.

“Thousands of pedestrians, cyclists and motorists will interact with this engineering marvel each day, which is another example of Landcom’s commitment to providing high quality, safe infrastructure for residents of our developments and the wider community,” Brogden said.

Construction is expected to cause some disruption to motorists at various times due to temporary lane closures with the majority of construction to be largely undertaken at night.