CAAN: We Solicit a Contrary View to Urban Taskforce on Sending Migrants to Country Towns

GIVEN Chris Johnson CEO of the developer lobby, Urban Taskforce seems to have an inside run in getting his piece up on the ABC Website, “Sending migrants to country towns will hurt cities like Sydney”, it might be time to openly solicit a contrary view on the basis of having balance once again on the ABC!

They should give it equal opportunity!

A credible person would be best to present an article detailing the menace created by the Greater Sydney Commission, and how communities are being damaged.

PHOTOS illustrating the impact of Greenland Lachlan’s Line on the village of North Ryde

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PHOTO:  A “duplex” that looks like a block of flats; built forward of the setback; dwarfs substantial two storey homes on either side.  At the rear it is built so close the neighbour can no longer enjoy the ambience or family gatherings on their deck; they have had to block out their windows to retain some privacy!


And how selling Australian homes to foreign buyers denies Australians a chance to buy a home.

And how this week we have learnt that Real Estate Agents, Lawyers and Accountants are exempt from the Anti-Money Laundering Legislation!  With Australian Real Estate Agencies now set up across Asia in India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia … to replenish their market from the fall off from Chinese buyers!

Who would be that credible Professional?

We suggest and recommend Leith Van Onselen, Chief Economist and Co-Founder at Macro Business … that’s who!

View for CAAN’S interpretation of Chris Johnson’s “Sending migrants to country towns will hurt cities like Sydney”