The airport area

So not just one land theft authority (Metro) but two.

The new one appears not to have a name yet.

There appears to be no end to the “capture” …

Wouldn’t it be more apt to name the alleged three cities (of urban sprawl) Sydney CBD, Parramatta and Badgery’s Creek

Western Sydney Aerotropolis Land Use and Infrastructure Implementation Plan Stage 1: Initial Precincts

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3.3.2 A new Authority for the Western City

A new Authority will be established to coordinate development within all nine precincts of the Aerotropolis. It will ensure the development of the Aerotropolis is consistent with the vision of this Plan and will work with the

Sydney Metro Authority and the Planning Partnership to ensure the new precincts can be feasibly developed.

The new Authority will be jointly governed by the NSW and Australian governments, and will be created under NSW legislation with powers and responsibilities to:

  • acquire and consolidate land
  • plan for infrastructure provision and coordination,

including public domain and open space

  • develop government-owned land, including potential

joint ventures with private landowners

  • assist with industry/business attraction initiatives
  • liaise with WSA Co.

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3.3.3 Sydney Metro Authority

Sydney Metro is a key part of delivering the NSW Government’s Future Transport Strategy 2056 priorities.

Sydney Metro Authority will work across government to deliver a world-class metro rail system focused on customers and creating great local places.

The principal objectives of the Sydney Metro Authority are to:

  • deliver safe and reliable metro passenger services in

an efficient, effective and financially responsible manner

  • facilitate and carry out the orderly and efficient

development of land in the locality of (existing or

proposed) metro stations, depots and stabling yards.

Sydney Metro Authority will focus on the delivery of the

North–South Rail Link (Stage 1) connecting to the Airport

and the development of the land adjoining new stations,

depots and stabling yards. Sydney Metro Authority will

work closely with the new Authority on the development

and delivery of the infrastructure to assist the new Authority

in delivering the Aerotropolis.