‘My client is mega big’: ICAC plays secret recording of Lib MP

‘My client is mega big’: ICAC plays secret recording of Lib MP  


More about “Country Garden”  …

COUNTRY GARDEN’s Yang Huiyan is one of China’s richest people with a net worth of $7 billion … perhaps this explains why the community rights of Constituents of the NSW Ryde and Lane Cove Electorates were overridden …

Is this to be repeated in Canterbury, Parramatta, Camellia … Wagga Wagga?

VIEW CAAN Photo Album for the negative impact on the district established community.

Her wealth and influence appear to have been at a huge cost to the North Ryde community with the:

-loss of land for further development of the Macquarie Park Business and IT Parks

-no bus interchange or parking for local residents at the North Ryde Station

-increased congestion; Epping Road, Delhi Road, and Pittwater Road

-loss of amenity for the village of North Ryde and surrounds


COUNTRY GARDEN is also making inroads into Melbourne


 ‘My client is mega big’: ICAC plays secret recording of Lib MP

Mr Maguire has been drawn into the Independent Commission Against Corruption’s inquiry into the former Canterbury Council through his links to former councillor Michael Hawatt.

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'I've caused embarrassment': NSW MP before ICAC


‘I’ve caused embarrassment’: NSW MP before ICAC

Veteran NSW government MP Daryl Maguire admitted he sought a dividend from the sale of a multimillion dollar Sydney property from Chinese developers.

Mr Maguire called Mr Hawatt on May 9, 2016, soon after both had returned from trips to China. The call was recorded by ICAC investigators.

“Joe and I have a couple of deals before a big developer,” Mr Maguire told Mr Hawatt. “A couple of ones we want to kick on.”

Mr Maguire, the parliamentary secretary for the Centenary of Anzac, counter-terrorism, corrections and veterans, asked for anything that was DA, or development application, approved.

“What I want … I just don’t want to f— around,” he told Mr Hawatt. “Have you got plans? Have you got the whole thing already done?

“My client is mega big, OK.

“If he’s interested my client is mega big and has got mega money and wants two or three DA approved projects right now. Today.”

The conversation then turned to the commission that Mr Hawatt, who is under investigation for dishonestly exercising his functions as a councillor, might receive.

“If he’s going to give you 1.5 per cent that’s not enough,” Mr Maguire told Mr Hawatt.

“1.5 per cent isn’t enough divided by two if you know what I’m talking about.”

The Independent Commission Against Corruption has aired a phone conversation between Wagga Wagga MP Daryl Maguire and former Canterbury councillor Michael Hawatt.

He went on the say that 3 per cent commission was better.

After the recording was played, Mr Maguire was asked if he could explain what he was talking about in saying that 1.5 per cent divided by two was not good enough.

Mr Maguire said it appeared an interested person would have to share in a dividend.

“Who was the interested person?” Mr Maguire was asked by counsel assisting the commission, David Buchanan, SC.

Sydney developer Charbel Demian on Thursday.
Sydney developer Charbel Demian on Thursday.Photo: Janie Barrett

“Well I suspect it was me,” Mr Maguire said.

Mr Maguire had earlier told the commission he had known Mr Hawatt since about 2008, when Mr Hawatt ran as the Liberal candidate for Lakemba.

Mr Maguire said he had approached Mr Hawatt about potential property opportunities for friends of his in the Chinese community. In particular, he was seeking opportunities for the Australian branch of the Chinese firm Country Garden. But he said he did not have an interest himself in making money.

Daryl Maguire, left, with Charbel Demian, (second from left with back to camera), an unknown male referred to as Ron (white shirt) and Michael Hawatt (right, back to camera) at a Sydney café.
Daryl Maguire, left, with Charbel Demian, (second from left with back to camera), an unknown male referred to as Ron (white shirt) and Michael Hawatt (right, back to camera) at a Sydney café.Photo: ICAC

“The approach wasn’t for me to do business, it was for others,” Mr Maguire told Mr Buchanan. Mr Maguire said that at the “back of his mind” was the idea that, if Country Garden could establish itself in Australia, it might look to develop in Wagga Wagga.

The ICAC heard on Thursday that Sydney developer Charbel Demian went on to meet Mr Maguire on multiple occasions. On one occasion, ICAC investigators photographed them with Mr Hawatt.

Liberal MP for Wagga Wagga Daryl Maguire outside ICAC.
Liberal MP for Wagga Wagga Daryl Maguire outside ICAC.Photo: Janie Barrett

On Thursday, Mr Demian told the ICAC he had met Mr Maguire through Mr Hawatt’s introduction. Mr Demian provided Mr Maguire a list of his potential development sites, including properties at Parramatta, Canterbury and Camellia.

Mr Maguire’s evidence before Commissioner Patricia McDonald, SC, has not concluded.

More to come

SOURCE … view also for audio:   https://www.smh.com.au/national/nsw/my-client-is-mega-big-icac-plays-secret-recording-of-lib-mp-20180713-p4zrcl.html