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The legislation here may well explain Ryan Park, Shadow Treasurer’s statement on TV a few weeks back.

Perhaps it was in relation to this? He said words to the effect of – ‘they will sell the land out from under you … ”

It still has to get through the Upper House … however sadly for us Fred Nile often it seems rolls over for the Government having negotiated for what he wants … Ditto the Shooters and Fishers …

With the number of Liberals/Nationals in the Lower House and the tight numbers in the Upper House – is it any wonder that we get such appalling Legislation and Regulations?

The first 30 pages of Hansard can be described as gobsmacking as to the potential impacts … that will have far reaching consequences …

COPIED here parts of Jodi McKay’s speech; the full speech is worth a read.

The debate on this starts on page 1 of the document.


Wednesday, 2 May 2018



Second Reading Debate

Debate resumed from 10 April 2018.

Ms JODI McKAY (Strathfield) (10:13):

“I lead for the Opposition in debate on the Transport

Administration Amendment (Sydney Metro) Bill 2018. This bill establishes the Sydney Metro Delivery Office as a standalone transport agency and statutory corporation. In reading the Minister’s second reading speech, one would be forgiven for thinking that this was all the bill did, but it does so much more than the Minister has revealed in this House, which is why Labor will oppose this bill.

I listened closely to the Minister’s second reading speech but I did not hear the real reason for introducing the bill. He noted that the Sydney Metro Delivery Office has been working successfully as part of Transport for NSW since 2011.

Why the need for change? There is one agenda, and one agenda only: privatisation.

In his second reading speech the Minister did not say that this agency will be a developer, in that land near a station can be turned into any form of development, including residential high-rise or retail. He also did not say that this agency will be able to deliver bus services that may not even be connected to the metro. He did not say that the path he is taking is one that follows almost to the letter the path that the Government took to sell off WestConnex and to create the secretive Sydney Motorway Corporation.”

And further on …….

”I remind the House that before there was the shady secretive Sydney Motorway Corporation, the Government established the WestConnex Delivery Authority to oversee the construction, financing and management of the motorway. The WestConnex Delivery Authority was a public subsidiary corporation within Roads and Maritime Services.

Back then the Minister for Roads trumpeted how the WestConnex Delivery Authority board offers “market leading construction finance and engineering capabilities”—in the same the way that, according to the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure, Andrew Constance, the Sydney Metro will have an “expertise based board”.

The WestConnex Authority board of directors reported directly to the Minister for Roads, just as the new Sydney Metro Board will report to the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure. In considering the bill, it is important to note that the WestConnex Delivery Authority did not last. It currently does not exist, and I will guarantee that the Sydney Metro will not exist.

The Minister is seeking the privatisation of all public transport in this State. The Minister has said that that is his philosophy. Every action he is taking is about privatising public transport.”

And further on ……

“A year after the Government established the shady and secretive Sydney Motorway Corporation to manage procurement and project delivery functions, it closed the WestConnex Delivery Authority and transferred every single one of the authority’s functions to the Sydney Motorway Corporation.

Now, as I said, the Government is finalising the sale of 51 per cent of the Sydney Motorway Corporation. It is effectively privatising the Sydney Motorway Corporation and WestConnex.

The Sydney Motorway Corporation is a private company. It is constituted under the Corporations Act so it is not subject to the accountability mechanisms of government, and it is not accountable to freedom of information laws.

That is concerning. It means that anyone, including me, who tries to conduct a search on WestConnex under the Government Information (Public Access) Act will meet with a blank wall.

This Government has created a secretive organisation that is not accountable to this Parliament.

However, shortly we will be debating my private member’s bill in this Parliament and that bill seeks to return those accountability mechanisms to the Sydney Motorway Corporation.”

And further on

“The bill allows for the SYDNEY METRO to enter into passenger service agreements, including bus services.

Why would the Sydney Metro corporation, which this bill seeks to establish, want to operate bus services?

The bill states that these bus services do not have to be connected to the operations of the Sydney Metro.

This deceitful and appalling inclusion in the bill effectively gives the new Sydney Metro corporation the ability to take over any and all bus services in this State.

We all know what Minister Constance is about, because we have seen it with the inner west buses. The Government is seeking to set up a Sydney Metro agency to operate bus services.

Bus services have nothing to do with the Sydney Metro, yet in this bill the Minister is ensuring that it will be able to operate bus services—and bus services not connected to the metro. That is what the bill states”

“Why does this Sydney Metro authority, this Sydney Metro Board, this statutory corporation need the ability to buy or lease land?

It needs it because the Minister is fattening the pig for market. If you buy that land and put it within the statutory corporation—hey presto!—you have a big corporation, a big agency, that has bus services and can develop land, and it is in legislation.

This means that the Government will try to push this legislation through today because it needs to start work so that, if it wins the next election, it can then sell the Sydney Metro.

This new Sydney Metro agency can finance, manage and develop land for residential, retail, commercial, industrial or mixed-use development. It is just another attempt by this Government to deceive the community.

Why on earth would this agency, purported to deliver Sydney Metro services, want to build high-rise development or a shopping centre? Why did the Minister not tell us that when he walked into this House to deliver his second reading speech?

Now we have UrbanGrowth NSW, Landcom, the Department of Planning and Environment and the Greater Sydney Commission, all of which are about land development—and guess what?

Now we will have a new authority, a new agency, that can develop land and it is called the Sydney Metro. What a deceitful thing the Minister has done in bringing this bill to this House.

The Government has been incredibly quiet on its plans for development around stations. This is first time that we are finding that the Sydney Metro agency will not only operate passenger metro services but will in fact be a developer of high-rise residential buildings and retail shopping centres.

It is yet another concerning and controversial aspect of this bill that the Minister chose not to disclose when he gave his second reading speech in the last sitting week.

If he were honest with the community—and we know, time and again, that this Minister is not—he would have laid the facts on the table and said, “This is what we intend to do.”


BUT he has hidden that intention and instead given a second reading speech that is full of all of his achievements and how great this infrastructure-spending and infrastructure-building Government is. What a crock that is!

That means that, for the first time in a bill, an agency will be released from having to comply with the Government Information (Public Access) Act—GIPA Act—rules for corporate plans. That is just ridiculous; it is purely about hiding information.

After the Desane verdict in the Supreme Court – what does this mean for their stinking legislation?

Will they re-work the Legislation to try get around the Supreme Court ruling?

That means that, for the first time in a bill, an agency will be released from having to comply with the Government Information (Public Access) Act—GIPA Act—rules for corporate plans. That is just ridiculous; it is purely about hiding information.